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Low-level types used throughout the Substrate code.


Type Aliases§

  • Some way of identifying an account on the chain. We intentionally make it equivalent to the public key of our transaction signing scheme.
  • The type for looking up accounts. We don’t expect more than 4 billion of them.
  • Alias to the public key used for this chain.
  • Balance of an account.
  • Block type.
  • Block ID.
  • An index to a block.
  • Digest item type.
  • A hash of some data used by the chain.
  • Header type.
  • Type used for expressing timestamp.
  • Nonce of a transaction in the chain.
  • Alias to 512-bit hash when used in the context of a transaction signature on the chain.
  • A timestamp: milliseconds since the unix epoch. u64 is enough to represent a duration of half a billion years, when the time scale is milliseconds.