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Generating documentation for gdnative.

The goal of this library is to automatically generate documentation and gut tests from a gdnative project, that would still look good to Godot users.

You should either use this library in a build.rs script, using the Builder structure to drive the documentation generation:

use gdnative_doc::{backend::BuiltinBackend, init_logger, Builder, LevelFilter};
use std::path::PathBuf;

    .add_backend(BuiltinBackend::Markdown, PathBuf::from("doc"))
    .add_backend(BuiltinBackend::Gut, PathBuf::from("addons/gut"))

Or you can use the command-line tool.


Module for implementing your own backend.
Structures representing the documentation of a gdnative package.


A builder for generating godot documentation in various formats.
Structure that holds user configuration settings.


Type of errors emitted by this library.
An enum representing the available verbosity level filters of the logger.
Used to specify a crate in Builder::package.


Initialize the logger with the specified logging level.