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Rust GDK3-Wayland bindings

Project site is here.

Rust bindings and wrappers for GDK3-Wayland, part of gtk3-rs.

GDK3-Wayland 3.22 is the lowest supported version for the underlying library.

Minimum supported Rust version

Currently, the minimum supported Rust version is 1.70.0.



We recommend using crates from, as demonstrated here.

If you want to track the bleeding edge, use the git dependency instead:

gdkwayland = { git = "", package = "gdkwayland" }

Avoid mixing versioned and git crates like this:

# This will not compile
gdkwayland = "0.15"
gdkwayland = { git = "", package = "gdkwayland" }

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gdk_waylang is available under the MIT License, please refer to it.