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An ergonomic async client library for GCP BigQuery.

  • Support for dataset, table, streaming API and query (see status section for an exhaustive list of supported API endpoints)
  • Support Service Account Key authentication (other OAuth flows will be added later)
  • Create tables and rows via builder patterns
  • Persist complex Rust structs in structured BigQuery tables
  • Async API

Other OAuth flows will be added later.

For a detailed tutorial on the different ways to use GCP BigQuery Client please check out the GitHub repository.


Helpers to manage GCP authentication.

Manage BigQuery dataset.

List of the BigQuery errors supported by this crate.

Manage BigQuery jobs.

All the object definitions used by the BigQuery REST API.

Manage BigQuery models.

There is no persistent data associated with this resource.

Manage BigQuery user-defined function or a stored procedure.

Manage BigQuery table

Manage BigQuery streaming API.


An asynchronous BigQuery client.