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Text Reader for large text file.


use gchemol_parser::TextReader;
let mut reader = TextReader::try_from_path("./tests/files/ch3f.mol2".as_ref()).unwrap();
// read a line into `s`
let mut s = String::new();
reader.read_line(&mut s).unwrap();
// seek a specific line
let _ = reader.seek_line(|line| line.starts_with("@<TRIPOS>")).unwrap();
// split remaining text into chunks (each chunk has 5 lines)
let chunks = reader.chunks(5);
for x in chunks {
    // call nom parser to parse each chunk


  • Selected nom parser combinators (complete version, no streaming)
  • Split large text stream into multiple parts.


  • macro imported from nom 6
  • macro imported from nom 6


  • Quick grep text by marking the line that matching a pattern, suitable for very large text file.
  • A stream reader for large text file
  • A simple line-based text viewer for quick peeking part of text