[][src]Struct gameboard::cursor::Cursor

pub struct Cursor { /* fields omitted */ }

Cursor structure.


impl Cursor[src]

pub fn new(
    background: Rgb,
    position: Position,
    wrap_around: bool,
    get_direction: Option<fn(key: Key) -> Option<Direction>>
) -> Self

Creates new cursor.


background - background color of the cell where cursor is placed. Use termion::color.

position - cursor start position.

wrap_around - should cursor be wrapped around or not.

get_direction - pointer to key handler function (optional). This function should translate key into cursor move direction. Function must return None if key is not handled. If function isn't provided the default function is used.

fn get_direction_default(key: Key) -> Option<Direction> {
    match key {
        Key::Char('a') | Key::Left => Some(Direction::Left),
        Key::Char('s') | Key::Down => Some(Direction::Down),
        Key::Char('w') | Key::Up => Some(Direction::Up),
        Key::Char('d') | Key::Right => Some(Direction::Right),
        _ => None,


use termion::color;

const START_POSITION: Position = Position(1, 1);
let cursor = Cursor::new(color::Rgb(0, 0, 200), START_POSITION, true, None);

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Cursor

impl Sync for Cursor

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