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3D and 2D Game Engine.



  • Resource management
  • Core data structures and algorithms used throughout Fyrox.
  • UI scaling is important, so read the docs for this module if you don’t want to be confused.
  • Engine is container for all subsystems (renderer, ui, sound, resource manager). It also creates a window and an OpenGL context.
  • The Event enum and assorted supporting types.
  • The EventLoop struct and assorted supporting types, including ControlFlow.
  • Extendable, retained mode, graphics API agnostic UI library with lots (35+) of built-in widgets, HiDPI support, rich layout system and many more.
  • Types related to the keyboard.
  • Material is a set of parameters for a shader. This module contains everything related to materials.
  • Types useful for interacting with a user’s monitors.
  • Contains traits with platform-specific methods in them.
  • Everything related to plugins. See Plugin docs for more info.
  • Interoperability library for Rust Windowing applications.
  • Renderer is a “workhorse” of the engine, it draws scenes (both 3D and 2D), user interface, debug geometry and has an ability to add user-defined render passes. Current renderer implementation is not very flexible, but should cover 95% of use cases.
  • Everything related to resources.
  • Contains all structures and methods to create and manage 3D scenes.
  • Script is used to add custom logic to scene nodes. See ScriptTrait for more info.
  • Utilities module provides set of commonly used algorithms.
  • The Window struct and associated types.