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This crate allows you to create a profile that can be loaded into the Firefox Profiler.

Specifically, this uses the “Processed profile format”.

Use Profile::new to create a new Profile object. Then add all the information into it. To convert it to JSON, use serde_json, for example serde_json::to_writer or serde_json::to_string.


use fxprof_processed_profile::{Profile, CategoryHandle, CpuDelta, Frame, FrameInfo, FrameFlags, SamplingInterval, Timestamp};
use std::time::SystemTime;

let mut profile = Profile::new("My app", SystemTime::now().into(), SamplingInterval::from_millis(1));
let process = profile.add_process("App process", 54132, Timestamp::from_millis_since_reference(0.0));
let thread = profile.add_thread(process, 54132000, Timestamp::from_millis_since_reference(0.0), true);
profile.set_thread_name(thread, "Main thread");
let stack = vec![
    FrameInfo { frame: Frame::Label(profile.intern_string("Root node")), category_pair: CategoryHandle::OTHER.into(), flags: FrameFlags::empty() },
    FrameInfo { frame: Frame::Label(profile.intern_string("First callee")), category_pair: CategoryHandle::OTHER.into(), flags: FrameFlags::empty() }
profile.add_sample(thread, Timestamp::from_millis_since_reference(0.0), stack.into_iter(), CpuDelta::ZERO, 1);

let writer = std::io::BufWriter::new(output_file);
serde_json::to_writer(writer, &profile)?;