Struct futures_core::task::Waker[][src]

pub struct Waker { /* fields omitted */ }

A Waker is a handle for waking up a task by notifying its executor that it is ready to be run.

This handle contains a trait object pointing to an instance of the Wake trait, allowing notifications to get routed through it. Usually Waker instances are provided by an executor.

If you're implementing an executor, the recommended way to create a Waker is via Waker::from applied to an Arc<T> value where T: Wake. The unsafe new constructor should be used only in niche, no_std settings.


impl Waker

Constructs a new Waker directly.

Note that most code will not need to call this. Implementers of the UnsafeWake trait will typically provide a wrapper that calls this but you otherwise shouldn't call it directly.

If you're working with the standard library then it's recommended to use the Waker::from function instead which works with the safe Arc type and the safe Wake trait.

Wake up the task associated with this Waker.

Returns whether or not this Waker and other awaken the same task.

This function works on a best-effort basis, and may return false even when the Wakers would awaken the same task. However, if this function returns true, it is guaranteed that the Wakers will awaken the same task.

This function is primarily used for optimization purposes.

Trait Implementations

impl Send for Waker

impl Sync for Waker

impl Clone for Waker

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Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for Waker

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impl Drop for Waker

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impl<T> From<Arc<T>> for Waker where
    T: Wake + 'static, 

Performs the conversion.