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A super lightweight fuzzy-search library. A port of Fuse-Swift written purely in rust!


Return type for performing a search with a single fuseable property of struct

Creates a new fuse object with given config settings Use to create patterns and access the search methods. Also implements a default method to quickly get a fuse object ready with the default config.

Defines the fuseproperty object to be returned as part of the list returned by properties() implemented by the Fuseable trait.

Return type for performing a search over a list of Fuseable structs

A datatype to store the pattern’s text, its length, a mask and a hashmap against each alphabet in the text. Always use fuse.create_pattern(“search string”) to create a pattern

Return type for performing a search on a single string.

Return type for performing a search on a list of strings


Implementable trait for user defined structs, requires two methods to me implemented. A properties method that should return a list of FuseProperties. and a lookup method which should return the value of field, provided the field name.