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Download mongodb FTDC data

Crate to enable your application to download FTDC data from mongodb clusters to investigate deeper (e.g. keyhole (


To download FTDC data from a mongodb cluster you need to provide some input to the CLI:

  1. Group key: The group key (or: project id) the respective cluster belongs too. It is encoded into the link you get from atlas when selecting the specific cluster on Atlas UI ({group key}clusters)
  2. Replicaset name: The name of the replica set the data should be loaded from. You can either provide the direct targeted replica set name (e.g. atlas-<something>-shard-0) or the name of the shard (e.g some-name-shard-00). Do not forget the number here as it qualifies the shard in case you want data from a sharded cluster. For a standalone replica set it is00 but lets say for a sharded cluster with 3 shards it would be 00, 01, 02.
  3. API key: You need to have a valid API key for at least the cluster you want to download FTDC data from.


use error::Error;
use reqwest::Client;
use service::{FtdcDataService, FtdcLoader};

async fn main() -> Result<(), Error> {
  let group_key = "...";
  let replica_set_name = "...";
  let size = 10_000_000
  let public = "...";
  let private = "...";

  let service = FtdcDataService { client: Client::new() };

    .map(|download_path| println!("Downloaded to: `{download_path}`"))

The data is downloaded to the current directory the application was executed in as a *.tar.gz.