[][src]Struct fs_extra::file::CopyOptions

pub struct CopyOptions {
    pub overwrite: bool,
    pub skip_exist: bool,
    pub buffer_size: usize,

Options and flags which can be used to configure how a file will be copied or moved.


overwrite: bool

Sets the option true for overwrite existing files.

skip_exist: bool

Sets the option true for skipe existing files.

buffer_size: usize

Sets buffer size for copy/move work only with receipt information about process work.


impl CopyOptions[src]

pub fn new() -> CopyOptions[src]

Initialize struct CopyOptions with default value.

This example is not tested

overwrite: false

skip_exist: false

buffer_size: 64000 //64kb

Trait Implementations

impl Default for CopyOptions[src]

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