[][src]Struct freertos_rs::TaskDelayPeriodic

pub struct TaskDelayPeriodic { /* fields omitted */ }

Periodic delay timer.

Use inside a polling loop, for example: the loop polls this instance every second. The method should_run will return true once 30 seconds or more has elapsed and it will then reset the timer for that period.


impl TaskDelayPeriodic[src]

pub fn new<D: DurationTicks>(period: D) -> TaskDelayPeriodic[src]

Create a new timer with the set period.

pub fn should_run(&mut self) -> bool[src]

Has the set period passed? If it has, resets the internal timer.

pub fn set_period<D: DurationTicks>(&mut self, period: D)[src]

Set a new delay period

pub fn reset(&mut self)[src]

Reset the internal timer to zero.

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