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freenect-rs is a rust wrapper to interact with libfreenect. It can be used to fetch rgb and depth data from Kinect and to control its motor.


use freenectrs::freenect;
// Init with video functionality
let ctx = freenect::FreenectContext::init_with_video().unwrap();
// let ctx = freenect::FreenectContext::init_with_video_motor().unwrap(); // If we want to use the motor too
// Open first device
let device = ctx.open_device(0).unwrap();
// Setup mode for this device
device.set_depth_mode(freenect::FreenectResolution::Medium, freenect::FreenectDepthFormat::MM).unwrap();
device.set_video_mode(freenect::FreenectResolution::Medium, freenect::FreenectVideoFormat::Rgb).unwrap();
// Get rgb and depth stream
let dstream = device.depth_stream().unwrap();
let vstream = device.video_stream().unwrap();
// Start the main-loop-thread
// Fetch the video and depth frames
if let Ok((data, timestamp)) = dstream.receiver.try_recv() {
       // ... handle depth data
if let Ok((data, timestamp)) = vstream.receiver.try_recv() {
       // ... handle rgb data