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Footile is a 2D vector graphics library. It can be used to fill and stroke paths. These are created using typical vector drawing primitives such as lines and bézier splines.


use footile::{FillRule, Path2D, Plotter};
use pix::{matte::Matte8, Raster};

let fish = Path2D::default()
    .move_to(112.0, 24.0)
    .line_to(-32.0, 24.0)
    .cubic_to(-96.0, -48.0, -96.0, 80.0, 0.0, 32.0)
    .line_to(32.0, 24.0)
    .line_to(-16.0, -40.0)
let raster = Raster::with_clear(128, 128);
let mut p = Plotter::new(raster);
p.fill(FillRule::NonZero, &fish, Matte8::new(255));


A Path2D is a builder for Vec<PathOp>.

Plotter for 2D vector paths.


Fill-rule for filling paths.

Style for stroke joins.

Path operation.