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Data structures and domain logic for reading the Fluvio Package Index.

This crate is used by the plugin installer and the self-updater. It is capable of reading the index file in the Fluvio Package Registry in order to find the latest release versions of various components.

The two main use-cases for this are to allow the CLI to install plugins, e.g. via fluvio install fluvio-cloud, and to give the CLI visibility of new releases for itself and plugins.


A Package represents a single published item in Fluvio’s registry.

A unique identifier for a package that describes its registry, group, name, and (possibly) version.

A Release is a specific version of a published item in Fluvio’s registry.

Represents names that may be used for Tags

An object representing a specific build target for an artifact being managed by fluvio-index.


Packages have a PackageKind, which describes the contents being distributed.

A type representing a package version in a PackageId.



Detects the target triple of the current build and returns the name of a compatible build target on

Type Definitions