Describes behaviour of the Fluence AppService.
This struct contains parameters that would be accessible by Wasm modules.
Represents the function argument type.
Represents a record type.
Describes the behaviour of the Marine component.
Various settings that could be used to guide Marine how to load a module in a proper way.
Info to load a module from filesystem into runtime.
Contains module name and a size of its linear memory in bytes. Please note that linear memory contains not only heap, but globals, shadow stack and so on. Although it doesn’t contain operand stack, additional runtime (Wasmer) structures, and some other stuff, that should be count separately.
Describes an origin that set corresponding value.


Represents the types supported by WIT.
A WIT value.


Deserialize a set of IValues to a type T that implements the Deserialize trait.
Return minimal support version of interface types.
Return minimal support version of SDK.
Serialize a type T that implements the Serialize trait to an IValue.