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A grid widget for fltk-rs.


fltk = "1.3"
fltk-grid = "0.2"

Basically, the crate contains a single type Grid which has 4 main non-constructor methods:

  • set_layout(): specifies the number of rows and columns of the grid.
  • insert(): specifies the widget to be inserted, along with in which cell (row, column). The values can be a range (0..1).
  • insert_ext(): adds to insert the row span and column span.
  • resize(): determines how the grid is resized.
  • debug(): shows the cell outline and their numbering, useful for prototyping.
use fltk::{prelude::*, *};
use fltk_grid::Grid;

fn main() {
    let a = app::App::default().with_scheme(app::Scheme::Gtk);
    let mut win = window::Window::default().with_size(500, 300);
    let mut grid = Grid::default_fill();
    grid.debug(false); // set to true to show cell outlines and numbers
    grid.set_layout(5, 5); // 5 rows, 5 columns
    grid.insert(&mut button::Button::default(), 0, 1); // widget, row, col
    grid.insert(&mut button::Button::default(), 2..5, 1..2); // widget, row range, col range