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flowcore defines core structs and traits used by other flow libraries and implementations


  • contains the file and http content provider implementations Content provider trait. It defines methods for for getting content of flows from files, http or library references.
  • a set of serializers to read definition files from various text formats based on file extension deserializer modules provides a number of deserializers from different formats and also help methods to get a deserializer based on the file extension of a file referred to by a Url
  • contains Error that other modules in this crate will use errors::*; to get access to everything error_chain creates.
  • defines many of the core data structures used across libraries and binaries model module defines a number of core data structures that are used across the compiler and the runtime and macros.
  • is a trait definition that providers of content must implement
  • Utility functions related to Urls


  • Use DONT_RUN_AGAIN to indicate that a function should not be executed more times
  • Use RUN_AGAIN to indicate that a function can be executed more times


  • A function’s implementation must implement this trait with a single run() method that takes as input an array of values and it returns a Result tuple with an Optional output Value plus a RunAgain indicating if it should be run again. i.e. it has not “completed”, in which case it should not be called again.

Type Aliases

  • Implementations should return a value of type RunAgain to indicate if it should be executed more times in the future.