Type Definition flex_error::tracer_impl::eyre::EyreTracer[][src]

pub type EyreTracer = Report;
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Type alias to eyre::Report.

Trait Implementations

Creates a new error trace, starting from a source error detail that implements Display. Read more

Adds new error detail to an existing trace.

If the std feature is enabled, the error tracer also provides method to optionally converts itself to a dyn Error. Read more

Create a new error trace from E, also taking ownership of it. Read more

Add a new error trace from E. In the current underlying implementation, this is effectively still has the same behavior as ErrorMessageTracer::add_message. This is because eyre and anyhow do not support adding new set of backtraces to an existing trace. So effectively, currently the error tracers can track at most one backtrace coming from the original error source. Read more