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Fast geodesic distance approximations via flat surface projection

The FlatProjection struct can by used to project geographical coordinates from WGS84 into a cartesian coordinate system. In the projected form approximated distance and bearing calculations can be performed much faster than on a sphere. The precision of these calculations is very precise for distances up to about 500 km.


let (lon1, lat1) = (6.186389, 50.823194);
let (lon2, lat2) = (6.953333, 51.301389);

let proj = FlatProjection::new(51.05);

let p1 = proj.project(lon1, lat1);
let p2 = proj.project(lon2, lat2);

let distance = p1.distance(&p2);
// -> 75.648 km



Representation of a geographical point on Earth as projected by a FlatProjection instance.


Projection from WGS84 to a cartesian coordinate system for fast geodesic approximations.