Struct flame::Span [] [src]

pub struct Span {
    pub name: StrCow,
    pub start_ns: u64,
    pub end_ns: u64,
    pub delta: u64,
    pub depth: u16,
    pub children: Vec<Span>,
    pub notes: Vec<Note>,
    // some fields omitted

A named timespan.

The span is the most important feature of Flame. It denotes a chunk of time that is important to you.

The Span records

  • Start and stop time
  • A list of children (also called sub-spans)
  • A list of notes


The name of the span

The timestamp of the start of the span

The timestamp of the end of the span

The time that ellapsed between start_ns and end_ns

How deep this span is in the tree

A list of spans that occurred inside this one

A list of notes that occurred inside this span


impl Span


Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Span


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impl Clone for Span


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Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Span

impl Sync for Span