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HashSet only implements the normal set. HashSet can not represent its complementary set when the complementary set is an infinite set.

FlagSet implemented as a tuple of a HashSet and a bool value. When the bool value is true, FlagSet represents the HashSet. When the bool value is true, FlagSet represents the the complementary set of HashSet.

As with the HashSet type, a FlagSet requires that the elements implement the Eq and Hash traits. In addition to operations of FlagSet, the elements also implement the Clone trait.

FlagSet also defines five kinds of operations of sets based on Binary Operations.

A ∪B -> A + B

A ∩ B -> A & B

A - B -> A - B

A Xor B -> A ^ B

CuA -> !A


use std::collections::HashSet;
use flag_set::FlagSet;
let a: HashSet<_> = vec![1, 2, 3].into_iter().collect();
let b: HashSet<_> = vec![2, 3, 4].into_iter().collect();
let flag_ap = FlagSet(a.clone(), true);
let flag_an = FlagSet(a.clone(), false);
let flag_bp = FlagSet(b.clone(), true);
let flag_bn = FlagSet(b.clone(), false);
// 用new方法创建实例
// use new method create an instance
assert_eq!(flag_bn, FlagSet::new(vec![2, 3, 4], false));
// 测试并
// test union
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![1, 2, 3, 4], true), flag_ap.clone() + flag_bp.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![4], false), flag_ap.clone() + flag_bn.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![1], false), flag_an.clone() + flag_bp.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![2, 3], false), flag_an.clone() + flag_bn.clone());
// 测试交
// test intersection
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![2, 3], true), flag_ap.clone() & flag_bp.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![1], true), flag_ap.clone() & flag_bn.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![4], true), flag_an.clone() & flag_bp.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![1, 2, 3, 4], false), flag_an.clone() & flag_bn.clone());
// 测试减
// test substraction
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![1], true), flag_ap.clone() - flag_bp.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![2, 3], true), flag_ap.clone() - flag_bn.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![1, 2, 3, 4], false), flag_an.clone() - flag_bp.clone());
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![4], true), flag_an.clone() - flag_bn.clone());
// 测试否
// test not
assert_eq!(FlagSet(a.clone(), true), !flag_an.clone());
// 测试对称差
// test symmetric difference
assert_eq!(FlagSet::new(vec![1, 4], true), flag_ap.clone() ^ flag_bp.clone());