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No-STD fixed-point numeric implementation of trigonometric functions in Rust.

It utilizes the fixed library to allow flexibility in fixed point sizes and precisions.

The library mixed-num has these functions implemented as traits.

The library NDSP support fixed point numbers in vectors, with various implemented operations.


use fixed_trigonometry::*;
use fixed::{types::extra::U28, FixedI32};
let arg = atan::atan( FixedI32::<U28>::from_num(0.6)/FixedI32::<U28>::from_num(0.4) );
assert_eq!{ arg.to_num::<f32>(), 0.9782037 };



Calculate cosine using a Taylor approximation of cos(x).

Rase fixed number to an integer-valued power. base^power.

Get the sign of the argument with a unit value. Zero is of positive sign.

Calculate sin(x) using a Taylor approximation of sin(x).

Wrapps θ to the -π=<x<π range.