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This library provides fixed!, a proc-macro that allows easily creating fixed-point constants for all of the fixed-point types provided in fixed crate.

fixed-macro = "1.1"

Compiler support: rustc 1.45+.


  • The syntax of the macro is as follows:
fixed!(<value>: <type>)

where <value> is an integer literal or a float literal, and <type> is either of the form I<i>F<f> or U<i>F<f>, matching one of the type aliases provided in fixed::types. Note in particular that <value> has to be a literal and not an arbitrary arithmetic expression, and that <type> is considered a special identifier, so that it doesn’t have to be imported first.

  • Create a fixed-point constant which is parsed at compile time (the same syntax for int and float literals is supported as in Rust itself, including underscores and scientific notation):
use fixed_macro::fixed;
use fixed::types::U8F8;

let x1 = fixed!(-1.23: I32F32);         // float literal (note, the type is not in scope)
const X2: U8F8 = fixed!(1.2: U8F8);     // can be used to initialize const values
let x3 = fixed!(123: U8F8);             // decimal integers work as well
let x4 = fixed!(0x7B: U8F8);            // and hex/oct/bin integers too
let x5 = fixed!(1_234.567_890: I32F32); // underscores are ignored, same as in rustc
let x7 = fixed!(0.12e+01: U8F8);        // scientific notation is also supported
  • For each type alias from fixed::types, there is a macro with a matching name in fixed_macro::types which you can use without specifying the type name:
use fixed_macro::types::I16F48;

let a1 = I16F48!(-1.23);

Both the macro and the type can happily coexist in the same scope:

use fixed::types::I16F48;
use fixed_macro::types::I16F48;

const B1: I16F48 = I16F48!(1.23e-2);

You can choose to import both under different (or same) user-defined names:

use fixed::types::{I16F48 as Decimal};
use fixed_macro::types::{I16F48 as dec};

let c1 = dec!(12_345);
const C2: Decimal = dec!(-0.123_456);


Macros allowing to create constants for each available fixed-point type.


Create a fixed-point constant value which is parsed at compile time.