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crates.io version license: Apache 2.0 unsafe forbidden pipeline status

This is a Rust library with fixed-size buffers, useful for network protocol parsers and file parsers.


  • forbid(unsafe_code)
  • Depends only on std
  • Write bytes to the buffer and read them back
  • Lives on the stack
  • Does not allocate
  • Use it to read a stream, search for a delimiter, and save leftover bytes for the next read.
  • No macros
  • Good test coverage (99%)
  • Async support by enabling cargo features async-std-feature, futures-io, smol-feature, or tokio.


  • Not a circular buffer. You can call shift() periodically to move unread bytes to the front of the buffer.


Read and handle requests from a remote client:

use fixed_buffer::{deframe_line, FixedBuf};
use std::io::Error;
use std::net::TcpStream;

fn handle_conn(mut tcp_stream: TcpStream) -> Result<(), Error> {
    let mut buf: FixedBuf<4096> = FixedBuf::new();
    loop {
        // Read a line
        // and leave leftover bytes in `buf`.
        let line_bytes = match buf.read_frame(
            &mut tcp_stream, deframe_line)? {
                Some(line_bytes) => line_bytes,
                None => return Ok(()),
        let request = Request::parse(line_bytes)?;

For a complete example, see tests/server.rs.

Read and process records:

use fixed_buffer::FixedBuf;
use std::io::{Error, ErrorKind, Read};
use std::net::TcpStream;

fn try_process_record(b: &[u8]) -> Result<usize, Error> {
    if b.len() < 2 {
        return Ok(0);
    if b.starts_with("ab".as_bytes()) {
        println!("found record");
    } else {
        Err(Error::new(ErrorKind::InvalidData, "bad record"))

fn read_and_process<R: Read>(mut input: R) -> Result<(), Error> {
    let mut buf: FixedBuf<1024> = FixedBuf::new();
    loop {
        // Read a chunk into the buffer.
        if buf.copy_once_from(&mut input)? == 0 {
            return if buf.len() == 0 {
                // EOF at record boundary
            } else {
                // EOF in the middle of a record
        // Process records in the buffer.
        loop {
            let num_to_consume =
            if num_to_consume == 0 {
        // Shift data in the buffer to free up
        // space at the end for writing.

The From<[u8; SIZE]> implementation is useful in tests. Example:

use core::convert::From;
assert_eq!(3, FixedBuf::from(*b"abc").len());



  • v0.5.0 - Move ReadWriteChain and ReadWriteTake to new read-write-ext crate.
  • v0.4.0
    • From<&[u8]>
    • write_bytes to take AsRef<[u8]>
    • Rename try_read_exact to read_and_copy_exact.
    • Rename try_read_bytes to try_read_exact.
    • Remove empty, filled, read_byte, read_bytes, try_parse, and write_str.
    • deframe to allow consuming bytes without returning a frame
    • write_bytes to write as many bytes as it can, and return new NoWritableSpace error only when it cannot write any bytes. Remove NotEnoughSpaceError. The method now behaves like std::io::Write::write.
  • v0.3.1 - Implement From<NotEnoughSpaceError> and From<MalformedInputError> for String.
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Release Process

  1. Edit Cargo.toml and bump version number.
  2. Run ../release.sh


A fixed-length byte buffer. You can write bytes to it and then read them back.


Deframes lines that are terminated by b"\r\n". Ignores solitary b'\n'.

Deframes lines that are terminated by either b'\n' or b"\r\n".

Convert a byte slice into a string. Includes printable ASCII characters as-is. Converts non-printable or non-ASCII characters to strings like “\n” and “\x19”.