[][src]Crate fix_me

Fix me is useful for writing temporary code that will be fixed later. It replaces comments like

//FIXME:Rework error handling 
//TODO:Add logging

Unlike comments fix_me is enforced by the compiler.

fix_me is a simple macro that lets you write temporary code that WILL NOT build in release mode.

  • You can still compile debug builds and run test --release without issue.
  • fix_me has no overhead on any release or debug code, instead it provides a compile error if any fix_me code is still in the project at release time.

Simple fix_me hello world

//Use on functions
    fn only_false() -> bool {
        use fix_me::fix_me;
        //Or in functions
           return true;

fn main() {
    match only_false() {
        false => println!("Hello"),
        _ => {}

It is recommended to add it to the dependencies as you are making changes then remove it as you finish your work.

Feature flag unfixed_code will allow you to compile release code even with fix_me still in your code base.



A simple macro that errors(::core::compile_error!) if not in test, debug mode or feature unfixed_code is not set