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firebase_js_sys is a wrapper around the firebase javascript sdk, allowing you to use it in rust.

See this package’s README for more information, and the firebase-js package for a high level implementation layer ontop of this crate.

Don’t use this crate unless you are prepared to implement a lot more conversion logic, as most of the functions return JsValues instead of a more useful types. See crate firebase-js for a more ergonomic interface.

Uses bindings hand-written using #[wasm_bindgen] and rollup.


Usage in general:

use firebase_js_sys::ModuleApp;
// Will give runtime console error

Example for using trunk to build + run in browser:

use log::info;
use wasm_bindgen::JsValue;
fn main() {
	_ = console_log::init_with_level(log::Level::Debug);
	info!(" is running!");
	// Will not work, but only gives console run time error
	let app = firebase_js_sys::ModuleApp::initialize_app(&JsValue::UNDEFINED);
	// println!("returned: {:?}", app);