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This crate provides prime fields with a characteristic that fits inside a 64 bit (or 32 bit) integer.

It is mostly intended for number-theoretical applications. All algorithms are taken from the NTL library, but for performance and safety reasons the field characteristic is set at compile time.

This crate is not suitable for applications in cryptography


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

ffnt = "0.7"


use ffnt::Z64; // or Z32 if the characteristic fits inside 32 bits

// the field characteristic
const P: u64 = 113;

// sum up all elements of the field
let sum = (1..P).map(Z64::<P>::from)
   .reduce(|acc, t| acc + t)

// check that the elements sum to 0
// if `num-traits` is enabled it is even better to use `sum.is_zero()`
assert_eq!(sum, Z64::<P>::from(0));

For more examples see the examples directory.




  • Fields with a 32 bit characteristic
  • Fields with a 64 bit characteristic


  • An error which can be returned when parsing a finite-field integer.