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  • Implementation of the Peng-Robinson equation of state.
  • Structures and traits that can be used to build model parameters for equations of state.
  • Physical quantities with compile-time checked units.


  • Print messages with level Verbosity::Iter or higher.
  • Print messages with level Verbosity::Result or higher.


  • An equation of state consisting of an ideal gas model and a residual Helmholtz energy model.
  • Dummy implementation for EquationOfStates that only contain an ideal gas contribution.
  • Pure component and binary mixture phase diagrams.
  • Phase diagram (Txy or pxy) for a system with heteroazeotropic phase behavior.
  • A thermodynamic equilibrium state.
  • Options for the various phase equilibria solvers.
  • Thermodynamic state of the system.
  • A simple tool to construct States with arbitrary input parameters.
  • Thermodynamic state of the system in reduced variables including their derivatives.
  • A list of states for a simple access to properties of multiple states.



  • The number of components that the model is initialized for.
  • Reference values and residual entropy correlations for entropy scaling.
  • Ideal gas Helmholtz energy contribution.
  • A reisdual Helmholtz energy model.
  • Trait that enables functions to be generic over their input unit.

Type Aliases§

  • Convenience type for Result<T, EosError>.