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👎Deprecated since 2.1.2: The “fedora” crate is obsolete. The OpenID-based authentication method for Fedora web services provided by this crate no longer works. There is currently no known replacement.
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This crate contains code that helps serve as the basis for interacting with Fedora (web) services and implementing other features or API bindings on top of it.

Currently, an implementation for OpenID authentication against one of the Fedora Project OpenID providers and a generic, anonymous, unauthenticated session are available.



  • changelogDeprecated
    release notes for all versions of this crate


  • This type encapsulates the (optional) arguments that are required for building an anonymous session.
  • This type encapsulates the mandatory and optional arguments that are required for building a session that is authenticated via OpenID.
  • This type represents an OpenID login handler that encapsulates all parameters for authenticating except username and password.
  • SessionDeprecated
    This type is a thin newtype wrapper around reqwest::Client with implementations for constructing both a generic / unauthenticated session, and a session pre-authenticated via an OpenID provider.


  • This collection of errors is returned for various failure modes when setting up a session authenticated via OpenID.
  • This enum represents the different kinds of OpenID providers that can be interacted with.