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FBX DOM library.

Creating DOM

If you don’t care about low-level features (such as precise FBX version and parser warning handling), you can use easy setup using any module.

use fbxcel_dom::any::AnyDocument;

let file = std::fs::File::open("sample.fbx").expect("Failed to open file");
// You can also use raw `file`, but do buffering for better efficiency.
let reader = std::io::BufReader::new(file);

// Use `from_seekable_reader` for readers implementing `std::io::Seek`.
// To use readers without `std::io::Seek` implementation, use `from_reader`
// instead.
match AnyDocument::from_seekable_reader(reader).expect("Failed to load document") {
    AnyDocument::V7400(fbx_ver, doc) => {
        // You got a document. You can do what you want.
    // `AnyDocument` is nonexhaustive.
    // You should handle unknown document versions case.
    _ => panic!("Got FBX document of unsupported version"),

Manual setup

You can create a parser or a tree by yourself, and use appropriate loader to load the document from it.

For example:

  • From tree: fbxcel::tree::v7400::Tree, you can create the document by fbxcel_dom::v7400::Loader::load_from_tree(tree).
  • From parser: fbxcel::pull_parser::v7400::Parser, you can create the document by fbxcel_dom::v7400::Loader::load_from_parser(&mut parser).

For detail, see documents of loaders.


pub use fbxcel;


Types and functions for all supported versions.
FBX DOM utils for FBX v7.4 or later.