Trait fbp::fbp_iidmessage::MessageSerializer[][src]

pub trait MessageSerializer {
    fn make_self_from_string<'a, T>(json_string: &'a str) -> T
        T: Sized + Deserialize<'a>
, { ... }
fn make_message(&self, msg_type: MessageType) -> IIDMessage
        Self: Sized + Serialize
, { ... } }
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The MessageSerializer trait is used to serialize and deserialize structs so that they may become the payload of an IIDMessage


use fbp::fbp_iidmessage::*;

// config_data is a JSON string to set a path to a log file
let config_data = "{\"log_file_path\":\"Log_file.txt\"}".to_string();

// This creates the new ConfigMessage with the config data
let config_msg = ConfigMessage::new(ConfigMessageType::Field, Some(config_data.clone()) );

// This will create a new IIDMessage with the serialized Config message as its payload
let a_msg = config_msg.make_message(MessageType::Config);

// This trait can also be used to deserialize the payload of an IIDMessage

// When an config message is received it can use this trait to deserialize the payload
 if a_msg.msg_type() == MessageType::Config {
 	let a_config_msg: ConfigMessage = ConfigMessage::make_self_from_string(

	// Process the config message.

Provided methods

This will deserialize a JSON string that is a serialized Rust struct back into the original struct

This will take a struct and serialize that struct into a JSON string that will then become the payload of an IIDMesssage