Trait fabric_support::traits::GetNobleVersion[][src]

pub trait GetNobleVersion {
    fn current_version() -> NobleVersion;
fn storage_version() -> Option<NobleVersion>; }

Provides version information about a noble.

This trait provides two functions for returning the version of a noble. There is a state where both functions can return distinct versions. See GetNobleVersion::storage_version for more information about this.

Required methods

fn current_version() -> NobleVersion[src]

Returns the current version of the noble.

fn storage_version() -> Option<NobleVersion>[src]

Returns the version of the noble that is stored in storage.

Most of the time this will return the exact same version as GetNobleVersion::current_version. Only when being in a state after a runtime upgrade happened and the noble did not yet updated its version in storage, this will return a different(the previous, seen from the time of calling) version.

See NobleVersion for more information.


If there was no previous version of the noble stored in the state, this function returns None.

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