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Easy Quad Tree (ezquadtree)

This is the first Implementation of a quad tree I have made so there is some room for improvement.

A QuadTree uses the Hilbert curve and can be explained here

use ezquadtree::{Vector, QuadTree, Rectangle};
#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
struct Foo {
    item: String,
    x: u32,
    y: u32,
impl Foo {
    fn new(x: u32, y: u32, item: &str) -> Self {
        Self { item: item.to_string(), x, y }
impl Vector for Foo {
    fn as_point(&self) -> (u32, u32) {
        (self.x, self.y)
impl PartialEq for Foo {
    fn eq(&self, other: &Foo) -> bool {
        self.x == other.x && self.y == other.y

fn main() {
    let old = Foo::new(5, 5, "old");
    let new = Foo::new(5, 5, "new");

    let (w, h) = (40, 40);
    let bb = Rectangle::new(0, 0, w, h);
    let mut qt = QuadTree::new(bb, 4);


    let mut result = Vec::new();

    qt.query(None, &mut |e| result.push(e.clone()));

    assert_eq!(result, vec![old.clone()]);
    assert_eq!(qt.len(), 1);

    let return_of_replace = qt.replace(&new);

    assert_eq!(Some(old.clone()), return_of_replace);
    assert_eq!(qt.len(), 1);

    qt.query(None, &mut |inner_item| {
        assert_eq!(inner_item, &new);



A growable data structure type, with a look up complexity of O(log n).


Rectangle is to represent a rectangular bounding box.



A trait to describe Vector x and y to QuadTree.