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Struct that provides an empty Invoker implementation.


Struct that enables combining two Invokers by calling the second invoker inside the first one.


Default implementation for the ModeWrapper trait that combines ModeCombiners by setting the current ModeCombiner as the outer ModeCombiner of the newly added ModeCombiner so that the iterator walks the ModeCombiners in the reverse order of which they were added, meaning the ModeCombiner that was added first ends up wrapping the task last, meaning its task will be the outermost task.


Struct that manages collecting and combining ModeWrapper. This is the type supplied when submitting tasks in order to apply ModeWrappers.


Iterator that can unwrap combined ModeCombiners by stepping into the outer ModeCombiner recursively.


Type that manages calling Invoker::post_invoke when dropped and Invoker::invoke_post_invoke_on_panic is true in case the task panicked.



Trait that may be implemented for types that manage executing a task that do not care about the return type of the task. Implementors may simply override pre_invoke and post_invoke to run code before or / and after invoking a task or override do_invoke to control exactly how a task is invoked, by default this simply calls the task if no mode was supplied or calls crate::invoke if a mode was supplied.


Trait used to combine ModeWrappers by allowing one ModeWrapper to delegate to another ModeWrapper and providing an iterator that can unwrap combined ModeWrappers. An implementation of this trait is returned by ModeWrapper::into_combiner which returns a DelegatingModeCombiner by default.


Trait to implement in order to apply a mode to a task. ModeWrappers are supplied to a Mode using Mode::with where they might be combined with other ModeWrappers using the ModeCombiner supplied by ModeWrapper::into_combiner. Unlike Invokers, Modes and ModeWrappers are generic over the return type of the tasks they may wrap and thus can directly interact with the return value of the task. This also means that the lifetime of the Mode is tied to the lifetime of the type they are generic over.



Function that implements using a reference to a Mode to invoke a task.