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Ethereum types, cryptography and utilities.

It is recommended to use the utils, types and abi re-exports instead of the core module to simplify your imports._

This library provides type definitions for Ethereum’s main datatypes along with other utilities for interacting with the Ethereum ecosystem

Signing an ethereum-prefixed message

Signing in Ethereum is done by first prefixing the message with "\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n" + message.length, and then signing the hash of the result.

use ethers::signers::{Signer, LocalWallet};

let message = "Some data";
let wallet = LocalWallet::new(&mut rand::thread_rng());

// Sign the message
let signature = wallet.sign_message(message).await?;

// Recover the signer from the message
let recovered = signature.recover(message)?;

assert_eq!(recovered, wallet.address());


The crate provides utilities for launching local Ethereum testnets by using ganache-cli via the GanacheBuilder struct.


    • [“eip712”] | Provides Eip712 trait for EIP-712 encoding of typed data for derived structs

ABI Encoding and Decoding

This crate re-exports the ethabi crate’s functions under the abi module, as well as the secp256k1 and rand crates for convenience.


pub use rand;
pub use k256;


This module implements extensions to the ethabi API.

Various utilities