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Efficiently split lines by whitespace, while handling the backslash escape sequences in Rust-like string format.

For example, if you had a string like:

  One\ two three\ four

Naïve splitting on whitespace would produce four outputs:

  • One\
  • two
  • three\
  • four

This crate will instead produce two strings:

  • One two
  • three four

This crate also handles special escape sequences like “\n”, which represents a newline. Specifically, the escape sequences are:

  • \a
  • \b
  • \t
  • \n
  • \v
  • \f
  • \r
  • \\

If the backslash character is found, but the successive character is not special, then the backslash is disregarded and the successive character is included verbatim.


Converts text with all the special characters escape with a backslash

Produce all the words as a vector

Split some text by unescaped whitespace.

Splits once