Module error_chain::example_generated[][src]

These modules show an example of code generated by the macro. IT MUST NOT BE USED OUTSIDE THIS CRATE.

This is the basic error structure. You can see that ErrorKind has been populated in a variety of ways. All ErrorKinds get a Msg variant for basic errors. When strings are converted to ErrorKinds they become ErrorKind::Msg. The "links" defined in the macro are expanded to the Inner variant, and the "foreign links" to the Io variant.

Both types come with a variety of From conversions as well: Error can be created from ErrorKind, &str and String, and the links and foreign_links error types. ErrorKind can be created from the corresponding ErrorKinds of the link types, as well as from &str and String.

into() and From::from are used heavily to massage types into the right shape. Which one to use in any specific case depends on the influence of type inference, but there are some patterns that arise frequently.



Another code generated by the macro.



The Error type.



The kind of an error.



Additional methods for Result, for easy interaction with this crate.

Type Definitions


Convenient wrapper around std::Result.