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C compatible functions to use in C and JNI bindings


  • Block header
  • Simple box selection algorithms
  • Collections that can be manipulated from outside Rust
  • Ergo constant values
  • Contract, for easier ErgoTree generation
  • DataInput type
  • Box (aka coin, or an unspent output) is a basic concept of a UTXO-based cryptocurrency. In Bitcoin, such an object is associated with some monetary value (arbitrary, but with predefined precision, so we use integer arithmetic to work with the value), and also a guarding script (aka proposition) to protect the box from unauthorized opening.
  • Ergo blockchain state (for ErgoTree evaluation)
  • ErgoTree
  • Code to simplify conversion of ergo_lib errors into local Error.
  • Extended Secret Key functionality
  • Block header with the current spendingTransaction, that can be predicted by a miner before it’s formation
  • Ergo input
  • Bindings for NiPoPow
  • Represent reduced transaction, i.e. unsigned transaction where each unsigned input is augmented with ReducedInput which contains a script reduction result.
  • Secret key
  • Token types
  • Ergo transaction
  • Unsigned transaction builder
  • Utility functions and types
  • Wallet-like features


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