pub use box_spec::BoxSpec;
pub use box_spec::RegisterSpec;
pub use box_spec::TokenSpec;
pub use box_traits::ExplorerFindable;
pub use box_traits::SpecifiedBox;
pub use box_traits::WrappedBox;
pub use encoding::erg_to_nano_erg;
pub use encoding::nano_erg_to_erg;
pub use error::HeadlessDappError;
pub use error::Result;
pub use output_builders::ChangeBox;
pub use output_builders::TokensChangeBox;
pub use output_builders::TxFeeBox;
pub use specified_boxes::ErgUsdOraclePoolBox;
pub use specified_boxes::ErgsBox;
pub use tx_assembler::TxAssemblerSpecBuilder;
pub use tx_creation::create_candidate;
pub use tx_creation::find_and_sum_other_tokens;




Box (aka coin, or an unspent output) is a basic concept of a UTXO-based cryptocurrency. In Bitcoin, such an object is associated with some monetary value (arbitrary, but with predefined precision, so we use integer arithmetic to work with the value), and also a guarding script (aka proposition) to protect the box from unauthorized opening.

The root of ErgoScript IR. Serialized instances of this class are self sufficient and can be passed around.

Unsigned (inputs without proofs) transaction


Every type descriptor is a tree represented by nodes in SType hierarchy.

Type Definitions

Duration in number of blocks.

A block height of the chain.

A Base58 encoded String of an Ergo address. Can be either P2PK or P2S.

The smallest unit of the Erg currency.

A Base58 encoded String of a Ergo P2PK address.

A Base58 encoded String of a Ergo P2S address.

Integer which is provided by the Ergo node to reference a given scan.

A Base58 encoded String of a Token ID.

Transaction ID

Derive Macros