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A library for defining enums that can be used in compact bit sets. It supports enums up to 128 variants, and has a macro to use these sets in constants.

Defining enums for use with EnumSet

Enums to be used with EnumSet should be defined through the enum_set_type! macro:

enum_set_type! {
    /// Documentation for the enum
    pub enum Enum {
        A, B, C, D, E, F,
        #[doc(hidden)] G,

Working with EnumSets

EnumSets can be constructed via EnumSet::new() like a normal set. In addition, enum_set_type! creates operator overloads that allow you to create EnumSets like so:

let new_set = Enum::A | Enum::C | Enum::G;
assert_eq!(new_set.len(), 3);

All bitwise operations you would expect to work on bitsets also work on both EnumSets and enums wrapped with enum_set_type!:

// Intersection of sets
assert_eq!((Enum::A | Enum::B) & Enum::C, EnumSet::empty());
assert_eq!((Enum::A | Enum::B) & Enum::A, Enum::A);
assert_eq!(Enum::A & Enum::B, EnumSet::empty());

// Symmetric difference of sets
assert_eq!((Enum::A | Enum::B) ^ (Enum::B | Enum::C), Enum::A | Enum::C);
assert_eq!(Enum::A ^ Enum::C, Enum::A | Enum::C);

// Difference of sets
assert_eq!((Enum::A | Enum::B | Enum::C) - Enum::B, Enum::A | Enum::C);

// Complement of sets
assert_eq!(!(Enum::E | Enum::G), Enum::A | Enum::B | Enum::C | Enum::D | Enum::F);

The enum_set! macro allows you to create EnumSets in constant contexts:

const CONST_SET: EnumSet<Enum> = enum_set!(Enum::A | Enum::B);
assert_eq!(CONST_SET, Enum::A | Enum::B);

Mutable operations on the EnumSet otherwise work basically as expected:

let mut set = EnumSet::new();
set.insert_all(Enum::E | Enum::G);
assert_eq!(set, Enum::A | Enum::E | Enum::G);



Creates a EnumSet literal, which can be used in const contexts.


Defines enums which can be used with EnumSet.



An efficient set type for enums created with the enum_set_type! macro.


The iterator used by EnumSet.