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✨ Lookup and iterate over emoji names, shortcodes, and groups.


Lookup any emoji by Unicode value or GitHub shortcode.

let hand = emojis::lookup("🤌").unwrap();
// Or
let hand = emojis::lookup("pinched_fingers").unwrap();

assert_eq!(hand.as_str(), "\u{1f90c}");
assert_eq!(, "pinched fingers");
assert_eq!(, emojis::Group::PeopleAndBody);
assert_eq!(hand.shortcode().unwrap(), "pinched_fingers");
assert_eq!(hand.skin_tone().unwrap(), emojis::SkinTone::Default);

Iterate over all the emojis.

let smiley = emojis::iter().next().unwrap();
assert_eq!(smiley, "😀");

Iterate over all the emojis in a group.

let grapes = emojis::Group::FoodAndDrink.emojis().next().unwrap();
assert_eq!(grapes, "🍇");

Iterate over the skin tones for an emoji.

let raised_hands = emojis::lookup("🙌🏼").unwrap();
let iter = raised_hands.skin_tones().unwrap();
let skin_tones: Vec<_> =;
assert_eq!(skin_tones, ["🙌", "🙌🏻", "🙌🏼", "🙌🏽", "🙌🏾", "🙌🏿"]);


Represents an emoji.


A category for an emoji.

Represents the skin tone of an emoji.


Returns an iterator over all emojis.

Lookup an emoji by Unicode value or shortcode.