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Embedded platform

This crate defines a rich platform on top of which embedded device drivers and applications can be written.

The idea is to add device and peripheral support to complement embedded-hal-based crates. This makes it possible to plug-and-play and mix-and-match different crates that adhere to common specs. For example, if you have a nrf52840-based MCU as well as a ili9341-based device, and both adhere to the Adafruit Feather spec (pin layout, voltage levels, ...), you can connect them up and all the wiring will be done for you.

The ambition is that embedded-platform should be to embedded-hal what tokio is to mio.


Some design trade-offs that have been made:

  • #![forbid(unsafe_code)]; that belongs in -pac or -hal crates.
  • Don't require alloc.
  • Do some compatibility checks at runtime during startup instead of at compile time, for example to check that a pin is used only once. It turns out to be super tricky to do granular ownership mapping of device registers at compile time (this has been done in drone-os), and instead we opt to do some checks at runtime (e.g. Option::take). This wastes a dozen or so instructions at startup, which is a one-time cost.
  • All APIs are async-first, so that code won't have to block and we can be power efficient. This does require an executor, and one can be made that doesn't require alloc, yet to be written.
  • The crate uses its own HAL-like traits for e.g. OutputPin or I2cRead to enable async APIs as well as smooth over any incompatibilities between embedded_hal::gpio::v1 and embedded_hal::gpio::v2 etc.
  • All platform crates should be maintained in this repository so that changes like the last bullet point can be made in lock-step.
  • Don't expose interrupts to the user. mypin.changes() should return an async futures::Stream when the pin changes. In the background, we stash away a Waker that gets called from the interrupt handler.


You can think about the intended stack like this:

│         Peripheral Access Crate         │
│            e.g. nrf52840-pac            │
│        Hardware Abstraction Layer       │
│            e.g. nrf52840-hal            │
│         Platform Implementation         │
│          e.g. nrf52840-platform         │
│ ┌─────────────────────────────────────┐ │
│ │          Specific Product           │ │
│ │         e.g. Particle Argon         │ │
│ ├─────────────────────────────────────┤ │
│ │            Common Spec              │ │
│ │        e.g. Adafruit Feather        │ │
│ │          or Arduino Shield          │ │
│ ├─────────────────────────────────────┤ │
│ │              Adapter                │ │
│ │        e.g. "Main SPI bus" on       │ │
│ │        specific Feather pins        │ │
│ └─────────────────────────────────────┘ │
│              Device Driver              │
│              e.g. ili9341               │


pub use platform::Platform;



General input/output pins.


Definitions for I²C peripherals.


Common IO primitives.