Trait embedded_hal::Qei [] [src]

pub trait Qei {
    type Count;
    fn count(&self) -> Self::Count;
fn direction(&self) -> Direction; }

Quadrature encoder interface

This trait is available if embedded-hal is built with the "unproven" feature.


You can use this interface to measure the speed of a motor

extern crate embedded_hal as hal;
extern crate nb;

use hal::prelude::*;

fn main() {
    let mut qei: Qei1 = {
        // ..
    let mut timer: Timer6 = {
        // ..

    let before = qei.count();
    let after = qei.count();

    let speed = after.wrapping_sub(before);
    println!("Speed: {} pulses per second", speed);

Associated Types

The type of the value returned by count

Required Methods

Returns the current pulse count of the encoder

Returns the count direction