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Embedded graphics

This crate aims to make drawing 2D graphics primitives super easy. It currently supports the following:

A core goal is to do the above without using any buffers; the crate should work without a dynamic memory allocator and without pre-allocating large chunks of memory. To achieve this, it takes an Iterator based approach, where pixel values and positions are calculated on the fly, with the minimum of saved state. This allows the consuming application to use far less RAM at little to no performance penalty.

To use this crate in a driver, you only need to implement the Drawing trait to start drawing things.

You can also add your own objects by implementing IntoIterator<Item = Pixel<C>> to create an iterator that Drawable#draw() can consume.

Crate features

  • nalgebra_support - use the Nalgebra crate with no_std support to use as the Coord type. This should allow you to use most Nalgebra methods on objects rendered by embedded_graphics.


2D signed coordinate in screen space
Devlopment/test helpers
Drawable trait and helpers
Pixel based fonts
Image object
Pixel color trait
Graphics primitives
Styling struct to customise the look of objects.
Transformations for graphics objects
2D unsigned coordinate


The main trait of this crate. All graphics objects must implement it.