Function embed_plist::get_launchd_plist[][src]

pub fn get_launchd_plist() -> &'static [u8]
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Returns the contents of the embedded launchd.plist file.


We can verify that the result is correct by checking it against the file at runtime:


let embedded_plist = embed_plist::get_launchd_plist();
let read_plist = std::fs::read("launchd.plist")?;

assert_eq!(embedded_plist, read_plist.as_slice());

If embed_launchd_plist! has not been called, this function creates a compile-time error by failing to reference the symbol defined by that macro:

let embedded_plist = embed_plist::get_launchd_plist();


This function relies on _EMBED_LAUNCHD_PLIST being defined within the __TEXT,__launchd_plist section. You should not define this symbol outside of using the macros provided by this library.