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Minimal HTTP client for both native and WASM.


let request = ehttp::Request::get("");
ehttp::fetch(request, move |result: ehttp::Result<ehttp::Response>| {
    println!("Status code: {:?}", result.unwrap().status);

The given callback is called when the request is completed. You can communicate the results back to the main thread using something like:

§Feature flags

  • json — Support json fetch
  • multipart — Support multipart fetch
  • native-async — Support fetch_async on native
  • streaming — Support streaming fetch


  • Multipart HTTP request for both native and WASM.
  • Streaming HTTP client for both native and WASM.



  • Performs an HTTP request and calls the given callback when done.
  • Performs an async HTTP request.
  • Performs a HTTP request and blocks the thread until it is done.
  • headersDeprecated

Type Aliases§

  • A description of an error.
  • A type-alias for Result<T, ehttp::Error>.