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This is a crate that allows one to easily use a basic form of curses. It is based upon pancurses and so it's cross platform between windows and unix. It exposes a simplified view of curses functionality where there's just one Window and all of your actions are called upon a single struct type, EasyCurses. This ensures that curses functions are only called while curses is initialized, and also that curses is always cleaned up at the end (via Drop).

The library can only perform proper automatic cleanup if Rust is allowed to run the Drop implementation. This happens during normal usage, and during an unwinding panic, but if you ever abort the program (either because you compiled with panic=abort or because you panic during an unwind) you lose the cleanup safety. That is why this library specifies panic="unwind" for all build modes, and you should too.



A color pair for a character cell on the screen.


This is a handle to all your fun curses functionality.



The curses color constants.


The three options you can pass to EasyCurses::set_cursor_visibility.


The input modes allowed.



Wraps the use of curses with catch_unwind to preserve panic info.