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eAIP is a library that provides utilities, and abstracts access to electronic Aeronautical Information Packages (eAIPs). It includes a lot of functions to collect navigational data into convenient types, and for sections which have fewer pre-written tools (for example, operational data regarding aerodromes), tools are provided to fetch the pages from each Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) for processing yourself.

⚠️ Important Notice

Although data provided by this library is sourced from real-world sources, this data is not suitable for use in real-world flight, particularly as errors in this library could cause corruption of vital data.

Do not use for real world flight.

Getting Started

See the examples/ directory for examples of how to fetch the data, or view the documentation.


Do consider copyright over the data this library can access. This library only accesses the live data and parses it into useful, machine-readable data. If you use this library to store the data in any fashion, be aware that it may be under various licenses.

Tested Against

The following is a list of AISs that this library is tested to work against.

  • NATS (UK, working 2022-06-13)
  • LVNL (NL, working 2022-06-13)


Tools to work with eAIP publications.

Error type

Parsers for different sections of the eAIP.

Parts of an eAIP.

A convenience module that imports many useful parts of this crate.

Generic data types used by this crate.